This is a list of Co-video19 files and audio files.

A fuller explanation of the content of each file can be downloaded here –  Full Summaries Co-video Series 1 -5


Co-video19 Series 1:  Playing-in or working out?

How to become alive to the present. Changing habits in crisis times. Looking after yourself in a nurturing way. Play and creativity.


Co-video19 Series 2: Don’t just do something – sit there!”

How to anybody and focused attention. Breath focused work. Declaring war on distraction. Setting up a 10 minute stillness practice. The power of no and the power of now.

AUDIO (10 minutes): Attention and Awareness

Maintaining and sustaining focused attention. Interplay of breath and support. Awareness and attention.


Co-video19 Series 3:  Adventures in Stillness

Exploring the activity-in-stillness and the stillness-in-activity. Devicing and presenting. Embodying the arm reach.

AUDIO (10 minutes): The incense of the Earth

Self-care. Letting go of thinking mind. Breathing in the iincense of the Earth. The touch of the breath.


Co-video19 Series 4: Presence and Absence

The spirit of Tai Chi. How to stop killing time and instead own it. Create a shared communal space of emptiness. Joy in the spirit of life

AUDIO (10 minutes): Ends and Beginnings

Distraction. Guided focused breathing. Interplay between outside and inside


Co-video19 Series 5: Neediness and self-sufficiency

A key crisis question. Be captured or captivated. Namaste the best in you/the best in me. A nine round breathing exercise. Being in the moment one day at a time

AUDIO (10 minutes): Breathe

A guided 27 breath centred exercise

3 rounds 9 – 19_05_2020, 06.08.m4a

covideo i5 ntro 19_05_2020, 06.43.m4a

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