List of articles, interviews and appearances in the media

Print Media – Newspapers/magazines/journals

John Woodward, Q & A – Sam Murphy, Runner’s World, October 2014 (Vol20, No.10). Download here

Bare your soles for a ‘dirty weekend’ in the Lake District – Sam Murphy, Runner’s World, August 2014.

Kirkby runner raises charity cash running 80 miles barefoot – Aimee Walsh, NW Evening Mail, 16 December 2012,

Stand Corrected (Murphy’s Lore) – Runner’s World, December 2011

Foot loose (Health page) – Hello magazine, 8 August 2011

Bare feet belong on the ground – Karl Steel, NW Evening Mail, 7 July 2010

John does run in bare feet – David Pickthall, NW Evening Mail, 8 June 2010. Download here

The world’s original trainers – Helena Pozniak, The Time (Body & Soul), 2 March 2010

Natural Born Runners – Helena Pozniak, Bodyfit.  Download here

Running Barefoot – Bare your Sole – Sam Murphy, Observer Sunday 7 February 2010

Westmorland Gazette, 5 February 2010.

Bare your sole – Sam Murphy, Observer Sport Monthly, Feb 2010, No 119.

Kick off your shoes – Nik Cook, Ultra Fit vol 19, No.8, November 2009. Download now

Can barefoot running keep me injury-free? – Phil Mosley, Triathlon Plus, December 2009.

Trainers: Are they a waste of money? – Sam Murphy, Easy Living, September 2009

Pursuits: The things we long to do: Sam Murphy runs barefoot – Sam Murphy, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, June 7/8 2008.

Training Feet First – Sam Shephard, Sport (www.myfreesport) 15 February 2008, No.63.

Freedom Runner – Optima Magazine, 2 February 2008, No. 387.

Bare-foot runner pulls off new feat – Westmorland Gazette, 5 October 2007. Download here

John’s feet are his bare necessity – Susan Goodson, North West Evening Mail, 5 October 2006. Report of a Crossing the Line course.

Body and Sole – Tony Durrant, The Telegraph, 7 March 2006. Article about the Natural Running Course in May 2005 at Fawcett Mill Fields, Cumbria by a journalist who attended the course. Download here



John Woodward featured on the BBC – 15 November 2007


Radio Interviews

Radio 5 Live Midday News, 13/11/07
Radio Lancashire Breakfast Programme, 15/11/07
Radio Cumbria, 15/11/07
Radio Newcastle Breakfast Show, 15/11/07


On-line magazines

August 2013


On-line Podcast

18 August 2009, RRT43, Barefoot Running with John Woodward and Chris McDougall

Runners Round Table,

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