Mindfulness in Action

Bashful Alley Centre, Bashful Alley, Lancaster LA1 1LF

The Mindfulness-in-Action programme introduces a new perspective to the contemporary interest in various forms of Mindfulness practice. These workshops are continuously refining Thought-into-Action procedures. They have been developing for thirty years through John’s interest in natural movement.

The only requirement for the course will be your presence. The explorations that we make demands from you no extra time but extra attention. If only we can connect to it there is huge potential in ordinary everyday movements. A walk for example can at any moment become a deep and insightful meditation. There is untapped potential in hum-drum everyday movements to strengthen the “muscle” of Attention. While it is sometimes useful to liken your attention to a muscle that strengthens or weakens, it is not in fact a muscle and the strengthening of attention takes place on the neuro-side of the neuro-muscular partnership. This is Mindful practice in action!

As our evolutionary ancient analogue bodies are drawn further into the Digital Age of comfort and convenience there are wholly new challenges to our species. It seems to have one key implication that weakens the muscle of attention unless we bring to it a particular focused conscious effort. The Digital age is also the Age of Distraction. It demands we think differently. Thought in action is different and at the same time perhaps also the ancient basis of abstract human thought.

The Mindfulness-in-Action workshops have been running for over 5 years. A main focus has become re-connection. This re-connection deepens an understanding and maybe even an urgency that we come to know ourselves in a way that knows where we have come from and our origins in integrated action.

If you already practicing some form of mindfulness you might find that this day could help deepen your practice.


Date: 30th June 2018

Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Cost: £45

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